Mammas and Pappas Pilko Pramette

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MammyC Posts: 3621
Im full of questions tonight, baby is kicking away like mad, reminding me of its arrival soon and how unprepared I am, Anyway, I got the mammas and pappas pilko pramette and had a look at it the other night. When you convert it to the pram, the harness is underneeth still and I feel its quite hard, might be very uncomfy for baby.I "plan" on doing a lot of walking when baby arrives. So, my question, did you find this a problem and how did you combat it? What kind of blankets did you use? Oh, and how long did you get out of the pram part? :thnk I put this in M&K too.
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
I have bought one of these prams too. I haven't used it as yet but I noticed the harness too. I bought a pram mattress so that will combat that. I only paid about €10 for the little pram mattress but it fits well and will hopefully keep the baby confortable.
Mrs Beasley Posts: 589
I have this pram - if you just make sure the harness is sitting right and as flat as possible, you actually can't feel it through the padding unless you press down very hard. My LO has never found this uncomfortabele. Will be converting to buggy soon as he's getting so big! How time flies. HTH :wv