Mams cousin diagnosed with breast cancer, families reaction

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LabLady Posts: 4325
My mam brought her cousin to get her results of a breast tissue test yesterday to be told her needs to have her breast removed tomorrow. Mam brought her because she was bringin her own sister in for a check up, they all travelled from Tipperary to Limerick. I just rang her and she is on her way to take her cousin back down to Limerick, I asked since she does not have her own car, why was she asked to do this, her cousin has 5 grown son's. She said as they were only told yesterday they dont think it is as serious as it is. I mean come on, the big C is serious no matter where on the body it is to me anyway. Whats the deal with that? Do people see Breast Cancer as being less serious?
sugarpuffs Posts: 118
i really dont think so shock can play a huge part in all of this and maybe they dont want to think about it just yet, i know that sounds daft but to be told that your mum has cancer would really knock you for six. maybe they feel that your mum is the best person to be with her and talking to her at the minute. just be careful what you say cause i'd say emotions are running high
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
i dont think people think its less serious i think they see it that its one of the ones that can be fixed and therefore maybe in your case they think its abit of fuss over nothing or maybe ur mam offered and maybe your couisin would prefer a female with her seeing as it is 5 sons and some older women can think well thats its a private area in comparison to women nowadays maybe *)
LabLady Posts: 4325
Thanks girls, oh and I wouldnt dare say a thing. Its not my place and like I above, people do react differently I guess I would just want to be there regardless.