Man Utd wedding cert...again!!

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RainbowBrite Posts: 646
Hi all :wv For those who got this, did ye send a stamped addressed envelope? Want to send the letter off today :thnk
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i just emailed them and it arrived in post
MrsJackson Posts: 374
This is probably a stupid question but what is a Man Utd wedding cert?? :o0
bobdcow Posts: 53
Why would u want a Man U wedding cert?
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
its not a wedding cert, its a letter from man united club congratulating you on getting married, signed by Alex Ferguson, DH was delighted with his.
MrsJackson Posts: 374
That sounds great! h2b would love that must remember to get that nearer the time!
happy angel Posts: 928
where do u email or write to and what do u ask for
RainbowBrite Posts: 646
HappyAngel I wrote to: Manchester Utd Trafford training ground Birch Rd Carrington Manchester M31 4Bh Hope that helps. It's on a link in old faithful I just copied the letter, you'll find it, think it's titled man utd wedding cert. Good luck :wv
short n sweet Posts: 1802
Hi Purple Tulip Do you have the email address you used by any chance - its actually for a friend who wants to get it for her Dads 50th and is having problems getting a response Thanks a mill SnS
ainm Posts: 2211
I sent over a fax and an email and got 2 certs 2 weeks later!!!