Manilla Rhythm - Like Tropical Storm???

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2b2bMrsC Posts: 118
Hi All We were hoping to book tropical storm or manilla strings for our wedding but there booked, i can across Manilla Rhythm. Has anyone heard of them, are they like tropical storm? Thanks Anne
2b2bMrsC Posts: 118
gertull Posts: 78
hi anne, just saw ur query now. yes manilla rhythm very like tropical storm i hear. i was at friends weddin in sept and she had Tropical storm, i ran out after dem wen dey left as d whole place loved dem and i just had to have dem for ours!! dey booked up unfortunately and so was manilla strings but den i herd but manilla rhythm. they play as resident band in philipino restaurant in sandyford. i work with guy from philipians who goes to the restaurant regularly and he raves bout dem. dey sound like just as much fun as other. if u cud get to dublin and go for meal der maybe u wud be happier before bookin. i booked anyway as i was so happy to have got dem on my date! :o)ll
Goodfellas Posts: 979
We came across them at the Mount Wolesley Wedding Fair a couple of times. They're very simlar to Tropical Storm. I enjoyed them, I have to say. I think they might struggle for the full after dinner dance band thing with that particular lineup, because there was no drummer and it was acoustic bass, but for what they were doing at the fair - walking around playing acoustically, they were superb and a lot of fun. Go for it - good guys, great musicians. Whats not to like? :) Hope it helps Michael
2b2bMrsC Posts: 118
Thanks for the feedback, we were thinking of having them before the meal to get the crowd going. Thanks again Anne
shersmay10 Posts: 319
just wondering if anyone knows how much the charge?
2b2bMrsC Posts: 118
Hi I've just PM'ed you
Excited2010 Posts: 777
can you pm me a price too Thanks
RLMK Posts: 1
Could I be so cheeky to ask the price also? :innocent:
lolally Posts: 47
It would be great if you could send me the price too as I am looking at booking them! Thanks!