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ggbeaks Posts: 132
Hey girls. I was looking to get a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes for the Wedding but at €1300 for the pair i went searching and found this site. ... ckout/Cart Shoes look great and no one will know the difference :o)ll Anyone used this??
joybride Posts: 50
Wow they are all so fab! I never used the site, but if I still needed my shoes I'd be chancing it if no negative feedback comes back :) The only thing is you have no rights as a web consumer if they are sent from outside the EU.. But on the other hand if you pay with credit card you could try revoke the charge if anything went on! I ordered my shoes from the states and lots of other bits from all over, china, Malaysia etc and all came no hassle, no customs! Good luck they are just fab :)
Esio Trot Posts: 124
Never heard of this website but those are the shoes i'd love as well so if you do end up gettin them could you let us know what they're like O-O
lovegirl Posts: 51
They look perfect. Really great site. O there will be no work done today looking at all the lovely shoes.
Nostress Posts: 1606
I wouldn't trust these sites. I bought a pair of "CL" off a site and seriously I could have made better shoes. The sides were all sagging, they didn't fit, wasn't intitled to refund at all... it was a disaster. I didn't use the site you are looking at but I wouldn't use any of them again
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
I have a friend that uses sites similar to this. The one thing she warned me about is that the photos they use on the site are the official Manolo Blahnik ones and they look flawless, she said the ones that arrive are never of the same quality. That said, she's happy out with them and I think they're nice shoes. I'd say the less complicated designs are the ones that look the best and most realistic, I love the Manolo Blahnik Swan Embellished Satin Pump (all Twilight associations aside) but wouldn't go for it as I'd say they could mess up the embellishment, but that's me being super wary, they might do a superb job too. Best of luck with it.
Maureen1980 Posts: 39
Hey. To be honest, I think it depends on how much you are into, and I dont know how to phrase this properly, like, the quality of the shoe versus the look of the shoe. So, I think you could get some beautiful and very well made shoes from Dune or Aldo, and they are really good, look great, you can try them on, know they fit the arch of your foot and all that, and they have a perfect finish. On the other hand, you could get these which, from a distance, could look very good, but may not be as flattering a shape or have as good a finish, i.e., sloppy soles, uneven thread. I say this as someone who has bought the blue Manolos, and it was totally unintended. I tried them on for the laugh when I was passing the Manolo shop in London and they were just so amazing compared to anything else that I agonised over it for 2 weeks until my mother forced me to get them. So I know that the real deal are amazing, but I would worry that a copy would not be as good as an original, but not as expensive brand, of shoe. Hope this makes sense. Aldo have just fantastic wedding shoes, and actually, Barratts on a good day are brilliant. Oh and Kurt Geiger. Gorgeous stuff.