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fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Hi , Have heard abit about manuka honey and its supposed to be very good and have some antibacterial properties. I read somewhere that is can help prevent mrsa when in hospital and you can apply it directly to your wound if you have a c section. I cant remember where i read this did a search here but couldnt find it. Anyway to get to my point, i was wondering is it safe to take during pregnancy? are there different brands if so which is the best? and does it come in different strengths (this last question probably is silly) Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
dec2011B2B Posts: 452
Its available in different strenghts 5,10,15,20 the higher the number the better it is, quite expensive though price range 10-40 euro depending on strenght, not sure about the c-section thing though, as far as i know its safe to use during pregnancy just check when u buy it, I used it when TTCing as accupuncturist recommended it.
tilsun Posts: 4506
I buy the Boyne Valley one, I think it's strength 10. I love it in hot water. I know a friend put it directly onto scars from a recent burn and found it amazing! I buy a manuka based cream for my eczema and it's fab. Never thought to check if it's ok in pregnancy. The jar says not to give to babies so I'm hoping it would say not to take in pregnancy if there was any harm in it. May check with doc though
coconut Posts: 2183
i don't think u are meant to take manuka honey while u are pregnant!
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Thanks girls, Ill go into health shop tomorrow and ask about it. I might just get it to bring into hospital with me to start taking once i have had baby.
TracyD Posts: 750
Garfield - bring along a bottle of Tea Tree essential oil too - it also kills MRSA. :-) Tracy
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Thanks for the tip Tracey. Im hoping that by going in all prepared with everything ill end up with a nice natural gentlebirth that ive all planned in my head :o)ll
tilsun Posts: 4506
[quote="coconut":3iu8aoib]i don't think u are meant to take manuka honey while u are pregnant![/quote:3iu8aoib] Oh cr$p! I thought I was being good O:|
TracyD Posts: 750
Hi Garfield - I got this from a Midwife in NZ. Hi Tracy. Manuka honey is an everyday food (and a powerful healer). . The only caution with it, irrespective of pregnancy, is that where bees are gathering pollen from 'Toot' areas (a noxious plant in New Zealand) the honey should not be extracted for human use when toot is in flower. Definitely should be part of the diet of pregnant women (and everybody) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I asked Maggie about finding out which brands would be 'toot free' so she said all of the NZ commercial brands would be. Hope that helps! Tracy
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I was talking to a friend who is pg recently and she is taking it as a preventative for swine flu, as it builds up your immune system