many louth brides to be

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colette29 Posts: 99
hi girls, are their many louth b2b out there
cat woman Posts: 897
yep im one , when and where are you getting married mines the 3rd of sep in boyne valley :wv
cax Posts: 258
Hi Girls, Me too! :lvs
Superwifey Posts: 277
Me three :wv :wv :wv
joker Posts: 2789
I'm :)
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
im not a louth bride but my sister in law to be is, wedding a few wks in scholars. I live in grange rath & look into the boyne valley garden, see lots of brides getting their pics taken, looks lovely! good luck!
colette29 Posts: 99
im getting married new years eve in the carrickdale hotel, cant wait
bubtub Posts: 302
Me to hi colette, I'm ballymac may next year and cant wait so is everyone got all there stuff booked
colette29 Posts: 99
all i have left to get is f/g dresses, shoes and wee baskets and vases for the tables, im so organised its great. what about everyone else
the winner Posts: 4148
I'm a Louth bride:D except getting married in Cavan so kinda not.. but live here so KInda am :D