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Thérèse McKeown Posts: 2
Hi there.. I had been reading through the Marbella bride 2015 thread and thought it was a fab idea so I have started a new thread for 2018 brides. My fiancé and I have our date set for 4th July 2018 in Benajarafe, southern Spain - and I am super excited :compress We are hiring a villa for the week and having just our two immediate families, 16 adults & 4 children its more like a wedding holiday tbh. I have gone with a company called costa del party/Marbella bride to help plan the big day and all is going well. I'm a wee bit stuck on what to do for music, we had originally thought that we'd be happy enough just to have like a sound system and just have like a playlist done up so we could work the music for the entertainment ourselves (the wedding planner on the day doing the music for the ceremony and meal) but the more I think about it the more unsure of this idea I am.. anyone any thoughts? Wondering also about the time to have the ceremony, fiancé says around 3 but I worry it will be too hot then, but I'm also worried about having it too late 4/5 with there being children there.. am I over thinking it? lol O:| Has any one else booked for next year, if so how is your plans coming along? would love to hear about them and past weddings also :xxx
Hippie.bride Posts: 2
Hey there! We have just decided to get married in July in Finca La Concepcion. We are booking with fiesta sol and are really excited. To help you out with your query RE the timing of the ceremony, I was at a wedding in Estepona this summer and there was lots of kids. Cocktail hour started at 5, the ceremony was at six, and believe it or not, the whole thing was perfect! It stays bright late and the kids stay up dancing for a while, so if I were you, I would have it a bit later to keep everyone out of the heat. Totally up to you! Can anyone here recommend a wedding DJ in Marbella and tell me how much the packages are roughly? Thanks!
trumpetplayer Posts: 3
Dear brides, I am Ruben Hernandez, trumpet player. My aim is introducing you a new instrument which is less seen and therefore more exclusive for you. It can provide you with a really distinctive touch in your wedding.I am based in la costa del sol and I am resident in one of the best beach clubs in Marbella. Apart from this I work world wide performing in prívate events and weddings. I am well-known in the electronic music field and acting during parties. However, I play a very exclusive and elegant music which gives distinction to each wedding. It involves the wedding march with trumpet for the entrance of the couple as well as chill out or jazz during the cocktail or during the main meal. If you are interested in getting more information or a pre-listening recording, feel free to contact me through email: rbnher "at" hotmail you can also find me on internet, facebook: Ruben Hernandez or instantgram @rubenhernandeztrumpet I hope it can made up your mind a bit more and I would be glad in helping you with any doubt that you have. Best wishes
Smallensmall Posts: 139
Hey girls, I got married in Marbella last year. It was amazing, I am so jealous of you both and what you have ahead of you ! With regard to time, we got married at 4pm and it was very hot. Standing outside the church shaking hands was uncomfortable and I didnt enjoy it to be honest. It started to get cool around 5.30/6 and after that I never noticed the heat. Personally I would still get married at 4 if I was doing it again as I feel your day is too short if you go much later but just giving you some feedback on the heat :-) For a DJ we had Ian Preston and he was brilliant. Google him and you will find his information. He may be booked out as he is very popular. I think we had him from about 8.30 till 4am and we paid 750. Worth every penny though. He played during the dinner as well and there were loads of people up dancing between courses. Hope that's helpful. Have a brilliant year planning the wedding, it's the most amazing time
sj22285 Posts: 3
Hi there! I have also just got engaged (last Friday!). Just wondering if anyone has looked at Estepona - and H10 in estepona as a venue?
Lolly999 Posts: 2
There is a wedding fair in Radisson Blu at Dublin airport on 27/28 October for anyone interested in getting married in Spain. Free Entry. Hope it helps