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Mar08 Posts: 310
how are we doing? feeling nervous yet??? i have my hen in wexford this weekend and i cant wait! all so exciting. only 5 more weeks for me now!
Pusck Posts: 50
Hi Mar 08 Have my hen this weekend as well!! Really looking forward to it buit a little nervous all the same IYKWIM. Can't believe its so close. My to do list just seems to be getting longer with a million and one little things!!! Have a fab weekend and enjoy the last few weeks of the build up :wv
Mar08 Posts: 310
ah i hope u have a great weekend too! i know what i mean about the NEVER ending lists.... so much to do!
Tarad Posts: 198
Hi Girls I am 6 weeks away now and am actually getting less nervous as time goes on, I'd say I might feel differently the week before! just happy that at the moment am looking forward to the big day! Had my hens last weekend in Edinburgh which was fantastic. Enjoy your hens weekends and the run up to the wedding!
Flowerbomb1 Posts: 92
Hi girls. Have my hen next weekend. Only 6 weeks to go too! And I know what you mean about that To Do list...just seems to be growing longer with everything I do! Tell me what ye have left? I still have to get a tiara or decide to not wear one, get presents, bridesmaid bags and jewellery, finish mass booklets, then move onto making favours and place name cards. Not to mention meet the musicians and florist this weekend! AAAH! O:| Enjoy the hens, think we could all do with de stressing for a weekend! :wv
Flowerbomb1 Posts: 92
How did the hens go?
raindrops Posts: 64
Girls, I think we seem to be very under represented! Loads of threads for the summer months but not so many for March! How are you all doing? H2b is in Berlin for the weekend on his stag and apparantly freezing out of it!! Can't wait for next weekend, wanted the hen to be really low key but my fab sister/chief bm has booked us into the Shelbourne for the night. Coming home from work to loads of rsvp's so exciting :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll