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dreamer Posts: 3941
Hey there, Have we got any yet?? I am due on March 2nd!
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
Congratulations!!! Can't beleive there is a March thread already.. how scary!! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy
shootingstar Posts: 1340
OMG :eek :eek Congratulations! i cant believe there is a March Thread either!!! Congrulations! I hope everything goes great fro you! :xxx
dreamer Posts: 3941
Thanks girls. I am very excited (and nervous!!) Hopefully, there will be few wollies joing me real soon!!! :o)ll :o)ll
Babybop. Posts: 592
[quote="dreamer":3lmf0fpl]Hey there, Have we got any yet?? I am due on March 2nd![/quote:3lmf0fpl]Congratulations thats my best friends birthday :o)ll
dreamer Posts: 3941
Ring the consultant today and have my first appointment at 8 weeks!! Seems a bit early but I am all excited!!! :o)ll :o)ll
W2BN07 Posts: 187
Hi Dreamer I am due on 1st March, is this your first pregnancy? It is my first, how are you feeling?
dreamer Posts: 3941
Hey there, Yeah - at the ripe old age of 33, its my first!! I am ready though! Am very excited - not thinking about all the difficult stuff, just looking forward to have a lovely healthy baby! Have you made your first appointment yet? Being all new to this, I had to confide in a friend of mine who had a baby and she was so funny - telling me to get on the phone straight away and make an appointment. I haven't been sick or anything - I am very tired at the moment but I managed to pick up a heavy headcold and sore throat and am blaming that for my tiredness!! Fingers crossed there wil be no sickness! How are you getting on?
porshe Posts: 1359
How did I miss this thread I had started another one sorry :-8 Can I join I am due I think 6th March going to ring Consultant now in a few mins :wv
dreamer Posts: 3941
Hey Porshe, Congratulations :o)ll :o)ll