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laveva Posts: 366
hi i'm looking up information on the internet about the different types of marketing strategies that exist but seem to have run out of ideas after only thinking up about 15 strategies. do any of you work in marketing? can you think of anything else i can add to this list? or else can anyone suggest any good search terms that i can use online to find a website that provides this kind of information - mostly i've come up with advertising agencies who charge for everything!! i've used marketing tools, strategies, actions... as the search terms. and the list so far is: [list:24whg4bz]Email Marketing Mailing (letters) Telemarketing Ads in papers, specialised magazines, newsletters Ads in Google Search Engine Optimisation Banners Links Promotional gifts Telephone listings (yellow pages, etc) Business directories Chamber of commerce and other official bodies (IDA etc) Posters (in universitites and other educational institutions) Tradefairs Attending business related workshops Writing articles for magazines[/list:u:24whg4bz] thanks for taking the time girls, much appreciated! cheers laveva
mad woman Posts: 22106
product discounts?
Guest 102 Posts: 458
You've covered alot there in that list There's a term in Marketing called Segmentation. It's where a company divides up it's market into homogenous groups so that they can target that particular group i.e. demographics, lifestyle trends and so forth. Maybe if you did a search on Segmentation, it could give you more ideas. It was developed by Kotler and Doyle. Another term you could google would by the 4ps. Maybe that would help you?
Miss X Posts: 1415
Sponsorship? As in local clubs etc.
AGuest Posts: 1262
- TV & Radio - Spamming various web forums (fora?)!!!! - branding - e.g. having a company car with logo, etc, or handing out car stickers for other cars to display, bags from shops that people see being carried around. - press releases - word-of-mouth
Bond Posts: 19
Webinars - online web seminars Analyst briefings - invite for face-to-face or over the phone Round Table sessions - hosting or participating Panel sessions - participation or chairing the session Sponsorship at tradeshows e.g. bar area, carpet tiles, brochure cover etc. Building Brand Awareness internally as well as externally High Touch programmes: run a campaign to create a series of touches with you target audience e.g. gift, mailer, invite, visit, phone call Widenet Awareness Campaigns: use a campaign to get your value props in front of an new audience, build awareness to companies that may not have a need currently but will potentially have a need in medium term. Corporate entertainment -e.g. inviting target customers to events such as rugby, wine tasting, golf etc Industry bodies (standards bodies etc) - set up/sign up/take active role to position yourself as industry expert Speaking engagements at conferences Workshops - hosting and attending Forward Features Article Placement Opinion pieces Press briefings - regular contact with your target press Direct Mailing Use partners e.g. resellers and so on Partner Marketing - set up partnership programme, what you get if you partner e.g. press release, logo on website, certain discounts to training, set up special partner area on website and so on.
Mrs Moo Posts: 440
Don't forget that you can split your topics into Above The Line and Below The Line Have a look at & all the associated links for a bit more information
Strawberry Posts: 148
Hi as Mrs Moo says you can split your campaigns into above the line and below the line: typical ATL includes tv, radio, outdoor advertising typical BTL includes direct mail, outbound telemarketing, customer surveys Also marketing strategies are not campaigns. Strategies would include market penetration, growth of customer base, differentiation, demand stimulation, while campaigns are a series of communications to deliver on the strategy. The campaign vehicle is ATL or BTL or sometimes "through the line"- a combination of both. Hope this helps you find what you need.
It's a Secret Posts: 236
I've Pm'd you with a note on Guerilla Marketing.......
laveva Posts: 366
hey thanks so much for all the advice. haven't had time to read it in detail yet but it looks like you've given me lots of food for thought. thanks a mill!! yis're great :D