Married, kept maiden name, Ms or Mrs?

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NinjaDonDon Posts: 300
I'm starting to do our place cards. We have a couple of married ladies who have kept their maiden names. Do I write Ms Maiden Name, or Mrs Maiden Name on their place cards????
pinkerbelle10 Posts: 705
It's always Ms. Maiden Name. You can't use Mrs. unless you are following it with the married name.
NinjaDonDon Posts: 300
Thank You! =]
Jawl Posts: 8881
For a place card would you not just write their first name??
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
Agree with Jawl, would first name, and surname if more than one person with the same name, suffice for place cards? Think it would look a little odd with Mr/Mrs/Ms etc
NinjaDonDon Posts: 300
Hi Ladies, thanks for the feedback. We're going with full names... because I'm already half ways through! Ha! We have a good few Anne's, Mary's Michelle's, Colleen's, Grainne's, Ciaran's etc so decided to do all full names instead of just here and there. Even if we put the initial of the last name, some of them will still be the same. Just waiting on the RSVP's so I can finish the rest! Thanks again! O-O
Jawl Posts: 8881
Okay, well in that case, leave out title, and just go with full names if you think some might be funny about Ms/Mrs :)