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summer09 Posts: 807
Hello, Don't think I am ready to move to newlyweds yet :o( Not sure what to do with myself can't get motivated to sort out and put away all the wedding gear! Can't believe that im married now after being engaged for over 2 years. Most of it is a blur....must be because of being so overwelmed!! :eek
Muriel09 Posts: 361
I'd say it must feel strange alright *) How's married life so far? :wv
summer09 Posts: 807
It's good, but it sort of takes a while for it to sink in that you are married like earlier I refered to hubby as boyfriend! :o0 Just feel like I have done something really gown up, I am 32 but feel 21!
Muriel09 Posts: 361
Haha :o0 Can't wait to call H2b my hubby.Did you go on honeymoon?
summer09 Posts: 807
We go on 14th June!
the winner Posts: 4148
Ah congratulations Mrs I say you feel kinda bored now? after years of planning its all over.. at leave you have you album and honeymoon to look forward to.. The sun is shining go get yourself a BIG ice cream :xxx :xxx :xxx
barbar Posts: 305
Oh bless your cotton socks - don't move over, stay here for!! hehe Have you wrote your wedding report?? We all LOVE reading them ...*hint-hint* lol
evalena Posts: 1130
Summer 09 my pal said when she got married the day was a bit of a blur too. Her h2b also told me on the day everytime he looked at his watch another hour had passed and it felt like it had only been 5 minutes since he last checked the time. She was gutted when it was all over and texted me from honeymoon all upset. At least you have that to look forward to. When you look at your photos it'll all come back to you. Also your friends will have all taken photos too for you to look at! Congrats on being a Mrs x