Marriott Johnstown & Hamlet Court - Opinions please!

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CappuccinoHeaven Posts: 1081
Hey girls :wv , Went to view both hotels at weekend and really loved both of them! I wish we only liked one and then the decision would be much easier!! While we have 'pretty much' decided to go with the Marriott as they are offering a really good package, I have sifted through past chats here and a good few wollies have had bad experiences with food there .....this worries me! I'd really appreciate any feedback on this and maybe some recent experiences (good or bad) would be great. Thanks :thnk
laura1982 Posts: 174
Sounds like you want to go with the marriot!!!!!! Personally i like the Hamlet court, every wedding ive heard of thats been there has been a huge sucess!!!!!!!! Also its wat you feel is best for you,
Huggles Posts: 1108
We went with the Hamlet too! So I'm biased. I've heard nothing but good things about it :wv
CappuccinoHeaven Posts: 1081
H2B has falled in love with the Marriott but we also loved the Hamlet. There was a wedding on there when we went to view and the room was fab and the bridal suite fab and basically everything was really impressive. Trish who showed us around was really nice. However, the Marriott seems to be ticking more boxes but we seriously would like some opinions of other wollies on the Marriott :thnk
Huggles Posts: 1108
I think you know what you want to do!! *) *)
Mammypig Posts: 832
we were in the same boat and chose the marriot as the grounds were a little nicer. have heard great reviews about the food so i'm not worried about that at all.
petster Posts: 41
Hi, we're going with Johnstown House aswell. I've only heard really good reports about it, especially the food.....and it looks great especially for photos etc.
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
CappuccinoHeaven Posts: 1081
thanks for the info guys. Yeh I guess you just have to go with your gut feeling! Oh i'm sooooo exicted!! :o)ll :o)ll I'll have to figure out how to get a ticker set up now!