Mass Booklet - Can anyone help?

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ruby032 Posts: 308
Girls, I'm trying to do my mass book on, but finding it hard to make changes - could anyone pm me their massbooklet so I could make changes easier, really appreicate any help O-O O-O
happy angel Posts: 928
do you have email account can send you one just change the prayers i couldnt do changes on that account either
ruby032 Posts: 308
Pm'd you Happy Angel, thanks for your help O-O
lexiee Posts: 126
If you want I can send you mine just pm me :wv
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
When you are on the website and have the document called up, save it in Word on your drive or a memory stick and use that from now on. Much easier to make changes and saves you starting again from scratch :wv