mass booklet company??

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nikbic Posts: 344
hi all just wanted to see if anyone has heard of ??? as i came across there website and they seem 2 b doning a great deal 100 booklets for €197 any feedback would b great
Mrs09 Posts: 355
We were going to use them aswell but we ended getting them from They worked out at €150 for 100 booklets!! €197 is still very good when you consider some companies are charging right up to €5 each!! :eek
Creative Invites Posts: 305
Hi, we have mass booklets for €2.50 each. This is a link to a pic of them: They are A5, 12 pages long and made with non-pearlised paper and card so we can make them for cheaper than our other ranges. They can also be made without the ribbon for anyone who has a very tight budget.
corkjunebride Posts: 20
Hi! Can I ask, are those prices just for a cover or are they for the entire printed booklet? Im totally uncreative and will defo be getting someone to do the job lot if poss!
Creative Invites Posts: 305
I'm not sure if the previous posters were quoting for complete mass booklets (I think they were) but our €2.50 ones are complete :)
colettes30 Posts: 73
we were with our priest last week going through the nuptial form and the priest told us that mass booklets were a waste of money and that no bodey reads them so we have decided to have none. we are giving our prayers to the readres and thats it. is anyone else doing this
Mrs09 Posts: 355
Yea I got complete booklets made up for that price. They had a think cover (think they said they were 350gmcard) and it was in colour and the pages on the inside were in black ink. HTH :wv