Mass Booklet

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pixie bride Posts: 263
s wife Posts: 1445
either is just as good as for the stapler and puncher see if you can borrow one from someone who has them at work ( office )otherwise most stationery shops sell them but they are quiet pricey
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
My friend has just been making hers. She folded them all and then used an elastic band thingy!!'s hard to describe but really easy to do and looks lovely. She bought them from Here's the link: [url:3g5wlbmo][/url:3g5wlbmo]
ashersmc Posts: 105
staples will be easier and much quicker. see have any of your friends got one if any of them are married. they may have bought one. any office supplies shop would have them.
mrs blueeyes Posts: 992
We bought a long armed stapler (they can be expensive so shop around). It worked fine for the mass booklets. We made a song booklet which had a good few pages so stapler didn't work so well.. So for this, we used gold elastic band.. best of luck :wv