Mass Booklet template please

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SummerBride82 Posts: 323
Hi girls. Hope everyone is well on this wet saturday! was just wondering if anyone had a mass booklet template the could send me.Thanks all X SB82
hick Posts: 858
Hi ye PM me your address and I'll send you ours
Linda H Posts: 1151
Hi Hick, Any chance you could send it onto me also. Will pm you my email. Thanks a lot
norzsept09 Posts: 165
i have one from if anyone wants it! tis very easy to do on that site!!
OctLady09 Posts: 40
Hi Could i get it from you too please? THX
Tandori Posts: 24
would you mind sending me it also, cheers.
hick Posts: 858
[quote="OctLady09":1iblr0x5]Hi Could i get it from you too please? THX[/quote:1iblr0x5] Gone to you!! :wv