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Lollysbride Posts: 73
Would anyone have the new mass booklet template. thanks
sheraton Posts: 157
I have it from my wedding in December, if you want to pm me your email I ll forward it onto you. It s a template for a long thin booklet O-O
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
corkiegirl Posts: 825
Hi girls, Could I jump in and ask you to pm me a copy of the new Mass booklet too please? I was wondering where I's get a copy with the new Mass changes, Thanks a lot, Corkiegirl.
Lollysbride Posts: 73
Thanks to the girls above i can send it onto you if you pm me your email address.
CanaryRed Posts: 329
Check out, they have a really good mass booklet generator thing which sort of mail merges in all your names etc. Amazeballs.
corkiegirl Posts: 825
Thanks Lollysbride for the email and thanks CanaryRed.
polkadot Posts: 312
Lollybride sent you an email if i could get template please
polkadot Posts: 312
Hi can someone pm me a mass booklet. I tried using but didn't find it great. Thanks
MissAudreyHepburn Posts: 8
Could someone pm me a mass booklet template too, I tried using the booklet but I didn't like it very much. Thank you so much!