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bride0808 Posts: 61
Hi all Please help me keep whatever small bit of sainity I have left!! Can anyone send me a template for an A5 Mass Booklet, I keep going into but it keeps throwing me out of the page - very annoying! O:| O:| O:| Also does anyone have any idea of what quality of paper to use for the inside and outside of the mass booklets. Any help would be really appreciated! O:o) Thanks!
shuvvy Posts: 126
We did ours in Word, then printed it as a booklet - it may depend on your printer. If you have Microsoft publisher it will set up the booklet for you. Found the gettingmarried website annoying because you had to keep a really good track of which pages to put where. Check your printer for a booklet setting. We used 100gm plain white paper for the booklet pages and plain white card (from Easons) for the cover.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Do you have anything set up in If so and if you are getting enough time, save it as a Word document and then you can go in and out of it as you please. You will have to make any changes you want manually though as you won't be connected to the on-line part of the booklet. The paper I used was in a ream in Easons and was too thin but I used it anyway. The cover was 160 gsm card, be careful of the card thicknesses because not all printers will take anything thicker.
marianf Posts: 5845
This is one I did earlier :o0 Follow my instruction on how to do a5 mass booklets on Word with a standard printer. I would suggest you use 90gm paper for inside and 120g for cover.
HappyEverAfter Posts: 143
A handy tip, I was given by one of my customers, is to use Reads in Dublin for your mass booklets. You just do it up in A4, making sure that the font is at least 14 or 16, and then they put it in to A5 booklet form and print it out for you. Saves a lot of headaches.