Mass Booklets-how do I setup pages?

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pennies Posts: 240
Hi girls, i have my mass booklet all typed up in word, however I don`t know where to start to put them in order so that they print ok and can be stapled properly. I want them in A4 size, landscape and folded in the middle. Looking for any advice cos I`m stuck in a rut.... O:|
Pheebs Posts: 1102
If you go to File/Page Setup and for pages put it as ‘Book Fold’ it should automatically sort the pages to print as a booklet and sort out the margins for you. Just when you’re printing if your printer prints on both sides you have to sort out in properties that it will flip on long side to get them ok back to front otherwise you’ll have to print one side and then the other. Hope this helps!
michelle13 Posts: 290
you gould try . it has link to do your own booklet and it prints out corrrectly. sort of like a template that you fill inyour own names etc.
HappyMe Posts: 727
Hi - I spent hours trying to work booklet templates etc and couldn't get it to work. In the end I have manually moved the pages and put page breaks in - bit of work but in the end I found this worked best for me. Format below - good luck! This is for landscape, each page half an A4 page and printing on both sides. My document is a cover and 2 pages inside. Start by dividing the document into two columns (Format/Columns). Page 1 - blank (back cover) and second half of page (second column) your cover Page 2 - blank (this will be the inside of your cover) Page 3 - your last page and first page Page 4 - 2nd page and 2nd last page Page 5 - 5th page and 3rd page Page 6 - 4th page and 6th page Prob sounds bizarre but when you do it, it works!
Chiclit Posts: 35
Hi girls I too had a problem with printing booklet but found out that if I set up my pages normally (not bookfold, just simple a4 paper) and just printed them off, put them in our photocopier at work and then select bookfold it would automatically photocopy them just the way I needed them so they read as a booklet. It worked out really well so I just photocopied all of them! It was easier than cutting and pasting different pages etc..hope this helps!
LabLady Posts: 4325
When I worked in a printers doing the graphic design, for layouts I used to make up a little booklet manually, number the pages then create the file the same way in work then print! Print out the first side then turn it round and print the second page. I know there is a way like mentioned above though to set up in word. Hadnt work when I was doing that job. I only got 1 page wrong in my booklet but no one noticed bar me and the priest!
cotton 07 Posts: 28
[quote="michelle13":13n6jkuo]you gould try . it has link to do your own booklet and it prints out corrrectly. sort of like a template that you fill inyour own names etc.[/quote:13n6jkuo] :xxx thanks for that, it is a great website
michelle13 Posts: 290
:wv happy to help! :wv