Mass template/Scroll 2013

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disorganisedbynature Posts: 78
Hi All, I know this has been done to death! but I can find any public links, I was wondering if anyone could send me a template for a scroll or mass booklet that is up to date. Thank you in advance.
orlipantso Posts: 337
Hey someone mailed me there's i can forward it to you if you pm me your email address :)
Mrs Stewart Posts: 443
Hi Ladies, Just got married 7wks ago - Have my template if anyone needs it. It does not include communion however, as I had a ceremony outside of mass! PM if it'd be of any help. :)
disorganisedbynature Posts: 78
Thanks guys I will send you a PM now, its much appreciated!
cgb Posts: 5
Hi I'm hoping to do a mass scroll also and wondering would anyone have a template they could send on? Thanks.