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annamay Posts: 53
Hi ladies. Just wondering what time you are having your ceremony? I am not sure what to go for... Church is near venue... Catholic mass...
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
What time of year is your wedding? Usually if the winter it's advisable to have a 12pm mass because it's dark so early for photos. Our wedding was in September so we had it at 1pm. Most summer weddings I have been to are 1pm with 12pm for a few winter weddings.
annamay Posts: 53
Thanks MrsSparkle2b, it's an August wedding! We were thinking 1.30pm but our priest advised 1pm just to give extra time incase something holds us up a bit! Then been chatting to other people who went with 2pm but I think that would mean the day would go in a total flash.
rubu7 Posts: 36
My wedding is next February and our ceremony is at 2pm. I kept an eye on it this year and we had light til near 6, which is when we'd ideally be sitting down to eat so I'm happy with the 2 o'clock time.
E.Rose Posts: 188
Ours is at 2pm as most of our guests will be travelling 3+ hours drive, so we wanted them to have the option of leaving that morning if they wish so that the don't have to pay for two nights in the hotel. Most have opted to travel that morning and a lot have decided to stay the night after the wedding as well as the night of, so we'll have a nice few days with many of our guests still around :)
PixieH Posts: 80
We are August also and having it at 1.30 also :)
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We had a May wedding, church ceremony which was 5 mins from the venue. We couldn't be at the venue before 3, so had a 1 o'clock ceremony - the timing was perfect.
majellaob Posts: 17
We are getting Married July next year and going for 1pm hotel is 1 hour away. I would suggest check with your venue to see what time last sitting would be at. Also factor in what photos you want done and where. Also if you want your speechs before the meal hotel might bring the sitting earlier. Im havin speechs before and they want everyone sitting at 5 no later!! Im seriously thinking of 12:30 to give us more time!!
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
I wanted 12 or 12.30 as ours is a winter wedding and we want as much light as possible but there's only 1 priest in our parish and funerals are at 11 so 1pm is the only time he can do!
xmasbride16 Posts: 16
We are going with 12.30 as its a winter wedding and will be getting dark at 4.