Massage when pregnant?

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Sunspeckle Posts: 437
I got a gift of a massage. Either hot stone or Swedish. I'd booked it next weekend before I knew I was pregnant!! I'd be nearly 6 weeks. Is it safe? If there is ant doubt I'll cancel it. All advice appreciated ladies. I've had a look on line and some say its a no no, others say its ok?!
Lennyx Posts: 242
Sent you pm :)
Sunspeckle Posts: 437
Txs Lennox. I didn't get the PM
elpi Posts: 748
Personally I wouldn't and I would think most beauty salons/spas wouldn't do if they knew you were preg. Congrats by the way.
HeatherF Posts: 105
Call the spa and see what they say. Hopefully they will allow you to change the massage type to a pregnancy massage.
Sunspeckle Posts: 437
Thanks girls. My gut is saying dont do it. I've emailed her. She also does facial/head massages. She might let me swop. Do you think that'd be ok?
Mrs Stewart Posts: 443
Dont think you can til after 12wks or so.
Mrsmonoiam Posts: 417
I'm a spa therapist but haven't worked at it for 2 years now! The general rule is no massage until 14 weeks in most places as baby doesn't like heat! So hot stones are defo out! Most places offer pregnancy massage after 12 weeks or other treatments like Indian head, facials, reflexology etc! Check with your spa I'm sure they would give you a later date or create a treatment to suit you! Just remember not to be too warm in the treatment room, like they often have electric blankets on the bed which isn't good for baby Maybe try a nice facial with head and face massage! Enjoy!