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No2Conventional Posts: 37
I bought my dress at the weekend in a Dublin Vintage Store which was within budget at €480. When it comes to accessories and veil and petticoat etc. I knew it was going to be much more so wanted the dress as below the €500 as possible. I fell in love with a belt and veil in the bridal store, when I heard the price of the belt the love was lost.. €250 :ooh Went to Hickeys and they were nice and ranging from 50-80 but I didn't buy one as the bridal store belt was too fresh in my mind and they didn't quite live up to it. Anyway, long story short. I have found the pretty much identical veil and Hickeys belt on eBay from China. I have pics of both items and I cannot spot much difference, here is the best news.. I got the both of them for €15 :o)ll The feedback for both sellers is 100% positive and I know eBay inside out so it cant be cheated. The Veil was €5 and the belt was €10 both had free postage. At that price I am definitely willing to take the chance. So thats a whopping saving of €105 if it works out. I defo would never have considered buying a dress from eBay or similar but accessories, not a bother :hyper:
allsún Posts: 253
I got a veil on ebay for €30, cathedral length, with pearls. I had it posted to a relative to the america as it was cheaper, I will have it next week. A similar one in the shop was about 200. Anyway I have seen a photo of it after it arrived, just waiting to see it in person now.
No2Conventional Posts: 37
That sounds great allsun!! Fingers crossed it works out for you too. I am fairly sure the shops get their stuff online from China and America and make a whopper profit. For me a bunch of fake diamonds n pearls are of worth 80-250 quid!!!
Naomi1978 Posts: 88
I bought a cathedral length veil with lace detail for €15. It arrived and is a lovely veil but unfortunately it's slightly off colour wise. I'm not giving up on it yet, May try darkening it with tea bags. The same veil in bridal shop was €240.
CasualBride Posts: 574
I bought a veil for €40 online, I actually think it might have been through Amazon, I can't remember now but it came from Poland, so the postage was only a couple of euro, it's very basic though, I have to say. I wasn't looking for anything special but this is very very standard. It's also not very full - I had the option of going for a fuller style but obviously when you look at photos, you don't think you'd want a big puff of veil coming out from the comb, whereas in reality, it might have been a better choice. I'll be really interested to hear how yours works out, cos I wouldn't mind getting another one if it was as cheap as yours - as it stands, I'm going to use what I have, cos I genuinely don't really mind. I didn't want a long one as I'm having an outdoor ceremony and a fit & flare dress, so it was actually difficult to find the fingertip length I wanted. Delighted you got your dress within budget!!! I finally got my bridesmaid dresses sorted this week, I haven't ordered them but I know what I want, they're Dessy and they're going to cost €220 each here, whereas they have them on on sale at $170 each, it's the customs and postage that's going to drive up the price - does anyone know if you ALWAYS get caught to pay customs, or is there a good chance I'd escape it??
No2Conventional Posts: 37
The veil arrived, it is grand for me as I am not sure I want to wear it. I think I may get a pic with it on and not bother with it. I will see how I am feeling on the day, for a fiver I dont mind if I wear it or not. The belt never arrived and I got a refund easily enough. I am going to buy a belt on Etsy from an Irish seller and not bother trying eBay, the one I want made to measure is only in and around €50 for a rinestone belt.
JMB86 Posts: 30
@casualbrides I've ordered my 3 bridesmaid dresses from they are to be delivered in the next 2 weeks I can let you know about customs when I get them if you like!! A friend of mine ordered hers from there aswell and she didn't get caught for much, she still ended up paying less
17JanBride Posts: 9
Hi everyone, Great idea...I've been looking at loads of stuff on Ebay but just havn't taken the plunge yet as haven't picked the dress yet :eek JMB86...Also considering bridesmaids dresses from love to hear how yours turned out when they arrive! Anyone bought their wedding dress online?? I have a very small budget...trying to keep it under €500 so would love any suggestions. Thanks :wv
CasualBride Posts: 574
Thanks JMB86, I actually took the plunge and ordered mine from Wedding World last week, as I was worried about time - they said they take 4 - 4.5 months to come in and my wedding is August so I figured I better just get on with it and the price has gone up by €20 per dress since I priced them in December - apparently Dessy have raised their prices. When I calculated the cost of ordering them from, assuming I would get stung for customs, they were exactly the same price as Wedding World were charging, so I said I'd just go with the more secure option rather than taking the risks myself. But now for my "coup" news.. I ordered a veil from for a tenner and it arrived last week and is actually better than the €40 one I got from Amazon!! Now, before everyone gets all excited, there is a ridiculously badly patched up section on the veil but it doesn't matter to me because I ordered a really long one with the intention of cutting it to the length that suits my dress, so I will be cutting off the badly "repaired" piece, but it's a grand thick, long, plain white veil, which is all I wanted, and for a tenner, you can't go wrong!!