Mat Ben & Work top up Q

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mrs Posts: 673
Just wondering how it works out: If work get my mat benefit and pay me a top up If I get Mat Ben and work top up? Just wondering do they deduct from gross (not net) salary and therefore you pay less tax and get more money , or what is the best way to do it? Work are open to either option so just wondering if there is any difference. Thanks!
sapphire09 Posts: 393
Whichever way you get your Mat Benefits (either from work or from govt), you'll pay the same amount of tax, ie you will be taxed on the top up from your employer regardless of where you get your Mat Benefit from - that is tax free anyway. You will come out with more money either way also, since you will not pay tax on Mat Bens.
baby-bel Posts: 929
do you have to sort it out yourself or does your employer sort out the fact you pay less tax?