Mat Leave forms for teachers??

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baby mac Posts: 161
Hi Girls - Any of ye teachers?? I filled out 2 forms - a MB10 and another one. but apparently I don't need them?? The school secretary said that I only need a cert from doc confirming my edd and that then it was upto the vice-principal to fill out the details in some on line thing with the dept Bit worried now that it will all get sorted in time-only just over 6 weeks to go before I start mat leave.
Gnomie Posts: 676
I was on to the girl in the INTO and she told me to fill out the MB10 one and another one that the doctor has to fill in? As far as I remember she said its called application form on the website. It sounds like you've filled it in already. I would not listen to the secretary. Talk to the principal about it next Mon. If you've filled them in already though, I'd say you're covered.
DGil Posts: 129
I filled in the MB 10form and got word back from them to say that i was awarded maternity leave.. I also filled in the other form and gave it to principal. However i just read that she needs to fill in that info on the olcs (online claim system) and im nearly 100% sure she hasn't done this My maternity leave is due to start in Monday 1st Nov so now im not sure if department knows anything about it Im such an eejit for not looking in to it closer