Mat. leave pay in the public sector advice pls.

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clumsy Posts: 661
I'm not PG but seriously considering it thought I wud be already at this stage 12 mths ago but DH's job is not a guarantee at the moment so we've put it on hold but part of me feels now feck the recession and just get on with.I was wondering what are the pay entitlements if I went on Mat. Leave would I get full pay for the 6 mths. I'm working in Public sector for nearly 5 yrs but I don't really want to ask my colleagues as the cat will be out of the bag. Thanks
dhidra Posts: 3147
I'm a teacher and I am getting full pay for 26 weeks plus holidays in lieu. The department of ed claim back my maternity benefit from social welfare. HTH
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
I am a civil servant and get full pay for 6 months, if your a civil servant pm me and I will send you a copy of the circlar hun
tweeness Posts: 340
I'm a civvie with the gardai & am getting 26 weeks paid, and my maternity benefit is just paid to the Dept. of Justice, as far as I know *)
lisa Posts: 1612
I'm a nurse and get full pay the the 26 weeks. Once you have a permanent contract your covered.
Emomc Posts: 2069
You dont actually need to have a permanent contract. I think you need to have a min amount of PRSI contributions on. Would say you will be fine.
clumsy Posts: 661
Thanks girls for all the replies kinda guessed that I would be fine, we'll have to sit down and discuss it part of me thinks go ahead and start trying I could be still trying in 12 mths and another yr older. I can't believe thinking about having a baby has now become so planned I'd would have never have had thought that several yrs ago.