Mat leave & unemployment....can anyone help?

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bree Posts: 1880
hi girls, hopefully someone here might be able to inform me i am currently employed & about to finish with the company in a months time. I am due a baby jan 10th 10. to recieve the gov mat benifit, mat leave dept said id need to be in employment within 16wks of when i start mat leave/have baby....i cant remember which one, so my question soon can i take mat leave?is it 16wks before edd? in which case i would have been employed 16wks previously iykwim.. hope this isnt too confusing ,just trying to figure if im entitled or not...guess il need to ring them tomorrow any info appreciated
theoracle Posts: 7664
I am afraid that it is calculated from the due date bree. The last day of insurable employment may be within 16 weeks of the end of the week in which your baby is due. (If you cease employment, your Maternity Leave must commence from the following day).