Mat leave when self-employed

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MrsMoojez Posts: 374
I have a part-time business 1 day per week and I'm PAYE the rest of the week. The only thing keeping me in my PAYE job is potential mat benefit. what happens if you're full-time self-employed? are you entitled to anything? thanks!
jen2 Posts: 3106
Yes you are, but there are slightly different rules for the self employed. When employed you have to give them 16 weeks notice, but sor self employeed its 12 weeks. Also there is a different level of contribution. You will get it all on the web. I think its the citizen info site. Jen2
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
Hi there, I am self employed also, but this is only recent, so in the relevant tax year (2005) I was an employee. I am informed by the maternity benefit helpline that I will be entitled to the same rate of benefit, the only difference being that I have to give them 12 weeks notice of when I want to go on leave. I'd suggest you give the helpline a ring, they are very helpful - 1890 690 690. Hope that helps!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I'm self-employed and just posted my application form today! They need it 12 weeks before you plan to start your leave. You're entitled to 26 weeks of benefit, which is calculated on the basis of your income from two years previously - so in my case 2005. However, they won't give you more than 260 euros (or thereabouts) a week - good news is that that's tax free. Best thing is to give them a ring and ask them to send out the booklet and application form.
MrsMoojez Posts: 374
thanks a mill! do you have the number/deparrtment name i could ring when I need to? i presume then if I left my PAYE job and continued my VERY small business that they could consider my PRSI contributions from a year or 2 ago?
Sphynx Posts: 6795
All the info is here: ... %20benefit The max. is 280 per week.