Matching BMs to my dress

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petersgirl Posts: 1568
I am totally clueless with this Got my dress, it's lace all the way down. So just wondering am I supposed to try and match BMs in with this in some way. Or do I add a little bit of satin to my own dress to tie in with them? Anyone else have a lace dress and what are you doing? Thanks girls, would be lost without you all :wv
midbride Posts: 60
Hi There, I was Married in March and I had a Mikaela halter neck dress, which was vintage style lace , I only had one bridesmaid and it was classic style in teal, the two girls were in Ivory and it looked fab in the pics. have a look at the wed clip on latest honeymoon clips fran/debbie. Good luck.
petersgirl Posts: 1568
Awh you look fab! Lace is so beautiful :) What fabric were the BMs? Thanks for sharing your video :wv
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Petersgirl I don't think that the bridesmaids dresses has to match your wedding dress. I would never have even thought of it. I suppose the style of their dresses should fit in with yours but I don't think you need to add a ribbon or anything. I've seen 3 brides in lace, only one wore a velvet ribbon that matched the BMs but I think the dress had teh ribbon already and she matched the BMs dresses to it. At the other wedding the BMs wore regular BM dresses and the bouquets although not identical were the only co-ordinating thing. Best of luck with your choice.
petersgirl Posts: 1568
Yeah thanks for this :) I was a bit confused as I contacted a bridal shop who told me that it was best to get my dress first so that I could then match in the BMs. Wasn't aware this was the case, so now I'm thinking, hmmmm how do I match them in :o0 I'm sure I'll work out sure :wv
JustBecause Posts: 3242
For me I would like to keep the dresses in a similar mood, can't think of a better word. So if your dress is lace and slightly vintage looking then maybe go for muted colours and a more vintage floaty style for the BMs. If your dress is more modern go for a more trendy or modern shape for the BMs maybe using bright contrasting colours for the dresses and flowers. If your dress is strapless and slimfitting you could have strapless slimfitting knee length dresses for your BMs but I don't think the shape of the BMs dresses has to match yours it's just a way of tieing them in. That's the approach I'm going to take but I really don't think if is a big deal.