maternity benefit - changing return to work date?

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2006wedding Posts: 965
When i aplied for the maternity benefit back before xmas i decided to come back to work 6 weeks early, yesterday i received the letter stating the maternity benefit was confirmed for the time i had originally stated on my form (from next fri 15th feb until 4th july). Now i am regretting this decision and want to change the date and allow myself the extra 6 weeks i am entitled to. problem is teh maternity is going to employer & he is paying me a top up - dont think he will mind me taking the time i am allowed as he ddint impact on my decision to go back to work 6 weeks early originally... has anyone else had experience getting maternity dates changed, will i have to reapply and make things awkward? can i get this sorted out before i go on maternity leave next fri???
pricilla Posts: 1564
To be honest, I'm not sure, is there any phone numbers on the form you got back confirming? I'm sure dates change all the time with babies coming early etc, so I'm sure they'll help you. You're post has me puzzled though, were you actually going to return to work 6 weeks early, even though you were on full pay whether you stayed out or not?
Fur Posts: 131
Why would you go back to work earlier?? A friend of mine did this and boy did she regret it, maternity leave is there for a reason and nothing can be more important than spending time with babs. Im sure your employer wont thank you in the long run, think of yourself and your little one, theres plenty of time for work! xx
mariac Posts: 982
i am taking as much time as i can due on 25/ may going out on 10 may going to take 5 weeks holidays that are owed to me and then start 6 mths maternity leave after this - taking a few weeks parental leave at the end of the year and will go back next jan. i want to make the most of it.
missc Posts: 875
I agree with other girls, take as much as you can. I can only afford to take the 26wks as my job doesnt pay anything but if they were, then i would be saving up and taking the extra 16wks unpaid too. definatley change your dates. I cant imagine it would be that much trouble, i'd say women do it all the time, you will prob just have to confirm it in writing ie/ fax or maybe email. just give them a ring and query it.