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sunnygirl Posts: 1876
Ladies When did you send in your maternity benefit claim form? I forgot to get mine stamped by consultant and not due back to him for another 3 weeks - so I'll be 31 weeks then. Is this too late to send it in?
bubbalicious Posts: 330
hi Sunny, You need to send the form in up to 6 weeks before you plan to take your maternity leave. So if you are taking your leave from 38 weeks, getting your form signed at 31 weeks is fine. I got mine stamped yesterday and sending it off today. It all depends on when you wish to tkae your leave from, if you would like to take it earlier, just drop the form into doc sectretary and she will sort it for you!!! Love :lvs
babybuttons Posts: 886
sunnygirl you will be fine at 31 weeks. just get your GP to sign it. i got mine signed last week and still sitting on the kitchen table. i have to get work to stamp it and fill in the PRSI part., social welfare are so far beind on these forms they only work on the ones going on leave in the next 2 weeks.
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
thanks girls, I'll just leave it til next visit. I actually got him to fill it out and then forgot to get his secretary to stamp it. So all that's needed is the stamp. I'm not taking maternity leave until 38 weeks so it can wait Thanks for replying
brookee Posts: 751
I'm already on my maternity now at 28 weeks i sent it off 3 weeks ago and had no problems my payment was in the bank last monday!