Maternity benefit question

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pixie bride Posts: 263
Hi all, I have a query and was wondering if someone could advise. I lost my job before the 16 weeks before my due date so have been claiming job seekers. I have since worked one day after the 16 weeks due date so am wondering if I will be entitled to maternity benefit? I am sure I read before that I would be. Would appreciate any advice on this as am totally clueless O:|
Zutugi Posts: 20
You can definitely claim it (provided you have the correct PRSI record - check out the requirements here - ... efit.html_ ) If you're within 16 weeks of your due date now and have finished up the casual work then you should put in your maternity benefit form asap, the payment will start straight away. If you leave it too long you might potentially lose the right to the payment, as you're supposed to go straight from insurable employment to mat benefit.
theoracle Posts: 7664
Zutugi is right, you should send of the MB10 with your P45.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
you will get a PRSI stamp as long as you got paid more than €38 for your days work.
pixie bride Posts: 263
Thanks for the advice ladies. I had a look at the form, am wondering which employer I should put on this form - the place where I worked for the past 3 years (where I no longer work) or where I recently worked for 1 day ? Also should I tick the box where it states 'employed' or just skip this ? Will the maternity benefit be calculated from what I was earning in 2010 rather than what I earned for 1 days work ? Apologies for all the questions :-8
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
You are no longer working so you put no employer on it. There's a section on it for if you are handing it in with P45. If it asks about last employer then you put the employer you did one days work with. THey look at stamps from 2010 for calculating amount.