maternity benefit

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gina1 Posts: 215
I work on a Temporry contract which is up summer next year it would more than likely be extended if I wasn't pregnant but I wonder am I entitled to full maternity benefit from my company even though my contract will officially be up
charli Posts: 5994
no Gina you arent entitled to full maternity pay anyway, permanent or temporay -depends where you work - some companies will pay you in full while out other than that its the statutory entitlement of maternity benefit from S.welfare i am sure some of the pg girls may be able to help
Tedsters Posts: 1688
It seems so unfair for you and this is a question I am going to ask the politicians when they are out canvassing for our votes to ask them give more rights/money to women on maternity!
babe06 Posts: 898
Your maternity pay (whether you get ot or not) ends when your contract ends. So if your like me and your contract ends 31st Aug (teacher!) then maternity payment will stop then. Unless your contract is renuined then it will continue. I'm in the same boat. Really hoping they will renew my contract but I've been going through this for 3 years and I never know up until the last minute. Am due mid July but don't want to come back in Septmeber so don't know what will happen. Just a note - buy law they cannot discriminate against you if you are pregnant. So if they take anyone one in your place you have a case against them.
HisWife Posts: 314
Tedsters --will be asking that question myself. But I really think that employers should have to pay a contribution to the employee too, or pay the remainder of salary after maternity benefit. Esp if the employee is there a long time. It really pisses me off. i know that if i went on maternity leave I would lose so much money and my employer would be too scabby to replace me, he'll just load the work on someone else. O:| So he is saving a load by me not being there O:|