Maternity Bra's - When should you start wearing these

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Ivory Bride Posts: 111
Hi I dont have a big chest but they are defo getting bigger, just wondering do you need to wear maternity (non underwire Bras) from the beginning or from when? I had a look at some in M&S over the weekend and they are not very pretty to look at they were just plain cotton kinda like a sports bra....
mad woman Posts: 22106
wear non-underwired throughout the whole of your preganacy because wires damaged the breast tissue, nursing bra's wait till about 4 weeks before your due date and then get measured.
bibikay Posts: 644
I discussed this with doc and also midwives, and apparently it's a fallacy that underwire bras damage the breasts... [u:36w5k1dl][b:36w5k1dl]ILL-FITTING [/b:36w5k1dl][/u:36w5k1dl]underwire bras may damage the tissues. So, apparently (from what I was told) it is safe to wear underwire bras throughout pregnancy, so long as you keep an eye on measurements and move up cup size(s) when you need to. This was great news for me, as I had bought one of the mothercare , non-underwired maternity bras and they were a complete disaster... absolutely NO support in them once you go over a B cup, as far as I can see. Also, for anyone who is interested , the same applies to nursing bras... You can actually buy underwire nursing bras in US - JC Penny's do some nice ones, and they can be ordered on-line, and they give FAR greater support to anyone who is "well-endowed" in the chest area!