Maternity bras in Limerick???

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bonzo Posts: 54
Anyone know where to get good maternity bras in Limerick guys, im sure they cost a fortune in BT's.
mags s Posts: 591
sorry to hijack ur post..but what is the difference between a maternity bra and a normal underwired bra... i went to cork last week and got measured in M&S and they just suggested an underwire bra as i will more than likely get bigger ( i am 17w+3d ) and maternity bras cost so much more. anyway about limerick...would certainly expect debenhams to have them, also shaws in crescent shopping centre, maybe dunnes too as they have a maternity clothes line.
bonzo Posts: 54
Thanks Mags. Some people suggest that you shouldn't wear an underwired bra during pregnancy as the wire can block milk ducts so this is why we are supposed to wear maternity bras. I will try Debenhams thanks. I just dont want to be spending a fortune on them if Im gonna be changing them every few weeks.
Delish Posts: 4176
Don't think underwires are recommended when pregnant or breastfeeding, something to do with blocking milk ducts/glands. I got 4 mat bras in motherecare. I think you need to aim for ones that have a good bit of elastic/support in them. I got 2 white and 2 black ones, the white ones clip of at the shoulder attachment, to allow access to the boob, and the black ones have a sort of undercover with a big round hole, allowing access to the nipple and the outer layer of material can be re-attached to the shoulder strap when finished breastfeeding. I bought these bras shortly after being measured in bt's for another bra, I have heard since you should get at least 1/2 bras 1 size bigger than your pregnancy size as your boobs will increase in size once you start bf, and then after a week or two they go back down again.
bonzo Posts: 54
Hey Delish, are the maternity bras in Mothercare very expensive? Is this upstairs in Mothercare in Limerick? I have never been up there
Delish Posts: 4176
I can't remember exactly how much they were. I bought them at xmas time, I was in need of new bras and thought I may as well invest in the bf ones. I think they were about €20 each. They are better than any Dunnes/Penney's bras I've bought in the past. They give alot of support - Anything to stop the sagging!! I would recommend buying a bigger size, naturally I am a 34 d, i bought 36 dd, and I found in the last few weeks that they are a little tight around the back, now that my bump has dropped they are fitting me better again, but just be careful on the sizes.
agie Posts: 1107
i got some in M&S and some in Tesco and there is no difference apart from price!! Im sure tesco in limerick do them too