Maternity Bridesmaids Dresses

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Napoles Posts: 71
Hi Girls Just wondering if someone can help me out here. I have recently found out that one of my bridesmaids is pregnant and am delighted for her. My only dilemma now is how to go about the whole bridesmaid dress shopping thing. She will be fairly heavily pregnant by the time the wedding comes around, so will defo need a maternity option. I would like both my girls to wear the same colour although am not bothered by the style. Originally I had thought that we could just go buy something off the peg for them both, but obviously this isn't going to work now. Colourwise, the only safe option to get two different dresses in a matching colour would be black, but it wouldn't really suit these two girls and while I would love it, I know they wouldn't be mad about it. Where do I go from here??
Bonnybride10 Posts: 338
Hi Napoles :wv I know Dessy do some nice maternity bridesmaid dresses..... [url:136nt947][/url:136nt947] In terms of colour I don't think that it has to be black if they're going to wear different styles.... my bridesmaids are wearing 2 different Dessy dresses but in the same colour - hunter green & they both look gorgeous. Good luck with the hunt :)
Cairn Posts: 313
Hey Napoles, I was on houseofbrides web site last night and noticed they have a section for maternity bridesmaids dresses. Maybe you could get some ideas from that. hth :)
Napoles Posts: 71
Thanks girls. I had my eye on an Alfred Angelo dress that comes in maternity and non maternity which would have been perfect, but I would be under a bit of pressure now to get it ordered in and have the girls try it on - especially as the only stockist seems to be in Galway!!! :(