Maternity clothes - Dublin city centre

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Lyn3012 Posts: 3
Morning, just wondering which of the Next, H&M etc stores in the city centre do decent Maternity wear? I popped into H&M on Henry St yest but saw none and the Next on Grafton St is pretty useless too. All I need are a few belly bands, polo necks and a pair of maternity jeans, the basics. Thanks! Also - any nice maternity occasion wear stores around? I know the rental place in Lucan is gone but would happily buy a dress if I could find one - brother in law's wedding next month so need to look glam!
steen Posts: 1335
Try next in liffey valley or blanch, I was out there with a friend over the weekend and they had nice maternity black polo neck jumpers and jeans. You get the belly bands in top shop again I saw them in liffey valley also H&M maternity is better in liffey valley and blanch.
Toots12 Posts: 894
Top Shop in the city centre is pretty good and they have the bump bands there for about eur8 too. Some of their normal tops are actually great for maternity wear as well, as they can be quite loose fitting.
Marpat Posts: 1784
I think there's a lovely maternity shop on clarendon street in Dublin. It's only a couple of doors down from the clarendon pub. Called Nelo Maternity. They have a website which shows everything so you could take a look before you head over. I think it's expensive but definitely worth it i suppose for a family wedding!! HTH marpat