maternity clothes on 2nd pregnancy- when?

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pag Posts: 633
Just wondering when people started wearing maternity clothes second time around. I've a feeling I'll need mine sooner rather than later.
chuffed09 Posts: 25
I selected 8-12 weeks. I actually only started wearing my maternity trousers to work this week and i was 11 weeks. My normal clothes still fit me fine, but just when your sittning down all day they got a bit uncomfortable, so i decided to opt for comfyness!!! It's more that i feel bloated than getting a bump.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I was wondering about this also. I was 21 weeks last time before I needed maternity trousers and I was wondering if I woudl survive that long this time.
easter bunny Posts: 35
I got very big very quickly on my first pregnancy and was in maternity clothes at 12 weeks but I'm 11 weeks on this and think I'll be ok in my regular clothes for another few weeks, though they are a size bigger than the clothes i was wearing when I got pregnant the first time :-8 It's all about comfort anyway, I remember putting on maternity clothes first time and thinking "phew!"