maternity clothes online?

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irish bride Posts: 558
Hi girls, I am bored of trawling around shops in Dublin looking for nice maternity clothes, can anyone recommend any good on-line spots to visit?! Thanks!
ToBeSept05 Posts: 97
Hi Irish Bride Know the feeling, I was getting fed up with the clothes in some of the shops, so old fashioned and shapeless. I still wanted some nice outfits for going out at the weekend, I ordered from both these websites, both in the UK but it was the only place that had some nice clothes and the clothes arrived last week and was very happy with them. Only ordered on Monday or Tuesday and had the clothes by friday. Best of luck, hopefullu you spot something you like.
irish bride Posts: 558
thank you SO much! I really like the seraphine stuff, am gonna order a couple of things there and see how i get on. fingers crossed!
ToBeSept05 Posts: 97
I know its a bit dearer when you convert to Euro, but I think it is worth it to look good. Best of luck
irish bride Posts: 558
thanks!! :xxx
awoodsapr06 Posts: 51
Hi irish bride Warehouse have just started a maternity range on line! They have some nice stuff. I ordered a dres son Thursday & it arrived this morning.
Cookie Monster Posts: 643
you can order from next too at one of the girls from work got some lovely stuff from them last week. Worth a look.
irish bride Posts: 558
yayy, nice clothes! thanks girls!