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Bubba Bump Posts: 348
Is anyone else finding it hard to get warm maternity clothes? I've loads of short sleeved maternity tops but I'm really struggling to find jumpers or anything that has long sleeves. Also, does a casual maternity jacket exist? I have a maternity coat but it's dressy and it’s more for going out than walking the dog! Thanks
YumYum Posts: 482
Hi Bubba Bump, I got some lovely chunky cardigans in pennys that are doing me so far. At the weekend, I went in to see the winter coats on sale and got a gorgeous plum coloured coat buttoned to just under the boobs and sort of swing bottom to the knees, it was reduced from 50euro to 10euro and it is so warm. Everyone admiring it, so am delighted. I have quite a big bump and there is still room for more in it, I just got my normal size. They had it in other colours too. YY :wv
Raindeer Posts: 169
Hi Yum yum I bought a coat in Zara, non maternity but it's perfect, its a swing coat and everyone is commenting on how nice it is. I dont think i ever got so excited about a coat before. Also, they have a lot of long sleeve casual tops which are great for under stuff and go over my bump. I bought a belly band online from topshop and its perfect for keeping bump warm. Hope this helps.
Fur Posts: 131
Has anyone got the jeans from next? If so are they good? xx
shobie Posts: 1437
HI fur, I bought a pair of maternity jeans in Next last week. They are really comfortable and are just like normal trendy jeans. They are still slightly too big but I'm sure I will love in them when bump gets a little bigger.
Fur Posts: 131
Thats good to know, thanks Shobie xx :thnk
Dootsay Posts: 958
I've just ordered a catalogue from: to see what their stuff is like, I must have a google in Zara too, there really isn't that much out there in the shops :o(
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
i love the top shop jeans, ive found their fit is perfect for me! as for the warm stuff im doing a lot of layering. ive got 4 mat vest tops and wear them under most things, and then have lots of little cardis like someone else said non mat that keep the arms warm. i think the general concensus is that once your pregnant you have your own little heating system and are generally warmer!
shobie Posts: 1437
If you are looking to order has some beautiful clothes. Where did you get the maternity vests? None of my tops are long enough and constantly having a gap between trousers and tops-freezing my little bump off!
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
top shop you see a trend??!!!! they had them 2 for €20 so i got 2 white and 2 black to cover all possibilities!!