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angel01 Posts: 242
Hi ladies so i finally gave in and have had to remove all articles of clothing from my wardrobe as NOTHING now fits - i just bought a couple of bits from topshop maternity selection but they are expensive enough - were else stocks a range for us blooming mothers - thats not too pricey as ill likely be packing all this stuff away once babs comes along cheers ladies :o)ll
Finished here Posts: 2860
I Angel, I just bought some items online from Seraphine and Isabella Oliver. I am lucky enough as all my own clothes still fit but bought in anticpation of the inevitable day when something won't close anymore :o0 I checked out plenty of maternity shops first such as top shop and like you found them expensive so went online. I found Seraphine very reasonable value for what i got and Isabella Oliver was more of an indulgence I bought three items from here that are a little fancier :-8 They arrived within a week and Isabella Oliver's were very nicely packaged with a lovely little bottle of bath bubbles - so it felt like a real treat.
whackywoman Posts: 1496
when I was pregnant went to the following shops: New Look H & M Next Mamas and Pappas Motthercare the last 3 stores can be expensive but they usually have items on sale so you can get good bargains there as well enjoy the rest of your pregnancy time will fly :o)ll :o)ll
rady Posts: 919
i got my clothes in top shop , next and mamas and papas. i only bought a pair of jeans in mamas but am going back with them. have only washed them 3 times and they are so faded !!it looks like i am on my 10th pregnancy rather than baby no1. so annoying as they werent exactly cheap. got 2 lovely shirts for work in Mothercare and they were reasonably priced too
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
M&S are quiet reasonable got a pair of over the bump black trousers for work and they were less than 30€ so thought that was brilliant - they do a small selection of tops and jeans and combats too!! The only M&S I've seen them in though is the one in Dublin city centre. Found New look to be crap TBH and H&M wouldnt really be mad on - got a few bits including over the bump jeans in Red Herring in Debenhams - again not too expensive! HTH
WinterGal Posts: 835
If you are looking to buy some maternity clothes at a reasonable price, then go to Awear or Penneys and just buy bigger sizes. I've eight weeks left and still wearing jumpers and t-shirt I got in these shops. Maternity jeans are a must and over the bump ones will last longer, i.e. they will still stay on in the later months whereas the ones with elastic in the side will fall down.
nazza Posts: 129
H&Ms are doing a good sale on some of their maternity gear at the minute - yesterday i got 4 pairs of maternity trousers for £20 - reduced to £10 each but also doing buy one get free at the moment on them also. Def worth checking out. (Their sizing is pretty small in maternity - am normally a 10 but had to get 14s.)
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hi there I bought jeans from Next/work trousers as were the best fit and washed well. Had the elastic bit on the sides and alot of people said you would never even know they were maternity. Got a few nice tops in dorothy perkins but HATE their over the bump jeans and trousers that I got. Make you look bigger I think and are scrathy and that synthetic material (coincided with bouts of thrush - enough said :-8 :-8 ) Bought lots and lots of clothes in Pennys in a bigger sizes ie wrap dresses for work etc, everyone said they looked great. Made me feel better as I got bigger too to wear dresses. Felt feminine and stopped me feeling like I was wearing the same trousers/tops over and over again Got leggings (that I never wore pre-pregnancy) one pair in top shop (maternity) and another in M and S (not maternity) and some of those long V neck jumpers (not maternity) in a big sizes from M&S and I dressed them up at the weekend with jewellery and long boots (both heeled and not) New Look are okay too. Dunnes in bigger sizes I found it really easy to find casual clothes, the dressy stuff is harder. I was lucky as never got that big. Thats only happening now so got some of those bump bands from New look - life savers!!!!
justwaitin Posts: 2462
ive got a few bits in benneton in there sale there stuff is fab, worth the full price the wash really well and aresuper comfy, ive found buying stuff thats a size are two bigger makes me look really wrong. id second mothercare there a range they doo called mamaliscious thats a bit pricey but trendyish, redherring in debehnams also have some nice bits and pieces too.
LauraS Posts: 192
Check out the Next sale for great jeans and combats. Dorothy Perkins have some great black / pin stripe work trousers - tip to make substantial savings is try the stuff on in shop but then order from the site Pennies and Dunnes great for tops - lots of nice smocks / flowy tops in vogue at the moment. Little dresses with thick tights or leggings are a life-saver too. HTH