Maternity coat?

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Wolaholic Posts: 477
Did anyone see one anywhere? Looked in Dorothy Perkins, next and mothercare and no joy...
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hello, please someone tell me too! I was looking on Saturday with NO LUCK anywhere!!!
nini83 Posts: 1917
Hi wolaholic i saw a small piece in last months tatler on maternity coats if i remember correctly there was one black one from mama's n papa's which would be brill for work kinda like a mac for about 70 euro there was another gorgeous one from one of the maternity shops iv seen girls mention on here but the name escapes me right now isabella something maybe??but that was more expensive i also saw a nice shorter one on belt under bust then a swing style might be worth a try. hth :wv
honeybunch Posts: 1218
New Look have a few at the moment.
baby2008 Posts: 1254
I bought a lovely light Navy Jacket from New Look online. Its lovely and though won't be very warm for winter I thought with adding a cardigan underneath I'll be fine.
Diamondz Posts: 2208
I was everywhere looking for one yesterday... including mama's and papa's and the big one in Belfast don't have any coats - just big cardigans.. O:| .... didn't see any in New Look either for that matter... O:| I only have about 10 weeks to go so don't want to spend a fortune, particularly as I am now working from home and will ony really wear at weekends... can't believe it is so hard to find one.. :eek
marianf Posts: 5845
In Maternity and Infant magazine they have a parka from Mama's and Papa's. I would say they are just not in yet. Isabella Oliver have lovely ones but they are pricey.
taraxx Posts: 79
I asked in Mothercare and they said they are getting some in the next few weeks and new look are due some stock in...Dorothy Perkins and Topshop had none for me either O:|
mrs ants Posts: 813
I saw some really nice short swing jackets in New Look for around £25 so think I will be purchasing one of them.
Snotzer Posts: 361
I bought this at the weekend.. aint it nice?