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Elegance Posts: 2848
Hi girls - I'm 5' 10 and wanted to let you know about some yoga pants I picked up in Long tall sally today. I know I'll struggle with trousers etc in maternity gear when I'm ready to wear them.... my top half is no hassle - can wear normal clothes there, but my inside leg is 34", so find most 'long' lengths only go to 33" and they are just too short. Called into LTS today and they have these yoga pants with a folding down waistband - in 2 lengths, 34 and 36". They aren't maternity, but you can unfold the waistband and it can be worn over the tummy. So happy to have found them. I bought two sizes.... one for now and one size bigger for when I get my bump. They are really comfy - think i'll get loads of wear out of them at weekends.... anyhow - just passing the info on! :wv
milis Posts: 7998
I've a couple of pairs of them from last year -still fit me perfectly! I got the ones with the cross over front, and they sit neatly under the bump now!!
zoey Posts: 1574
Lucky you girls.... I'm jealous. :o( I'd love to have that problem but I'm a shorty :o( :o( I know from my tall friends though that buying trousers/jeans with legs long enough can be a pain in the a$$ so I''m glad that ye got nice stuff! O-O
Arta1 Posts: 276
Thanks for that Elegance, im 6' on the button and I find it so hard getting normal clothes never mind maternity. I found Topshop (stephens green) great last time. Where is long tall sally??
milis Posts: 7998
It's in cleary's. you can buy online too They deliver fairly quickly, and I find their sizing accurate.
Elegance Posts: 2848
for the yoga pants and in fact all trackies, they do s, m, l and xl. s is usually 8 -10, m 12 - 14, L 14 - 16, XL 16 -18 I'm a 14 - 16 normally and got the L's and they are plenty big. Reckon I'll get months out of them!!! Thanks for the tip on Top Shop Arta1... will try that.