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Fairywings Posts: 360
Ok girls whats the deal here. I know when we are expecting, we are bigger than normal, thats fine and Im happy to look pregnant but why the heck can't I get a pair of jeans in my normal size then O:| Im not the slimmest, size 16-18, that I can deal with but went shopping 2 days over the weekend to try to get Jeans. Some size 18's I cld get up on me but by god I thought my thigh's wld loose circulation. Others nearly cut off circulation to my stomach...DEF not good and others wldn't come past my thigh's never mind close, I wld honestly say that I wld have had to get size 22 to fit never mind size 16-18. I was so depressed..... :o( Then onto Next where the size 18 was a little big on me......that made me feel a little better as this was right for me and they will fit more comfy eventually but still, why is it so hard to get jeans that fit. I have 2 pairs in size 16 got but I know as time goes on they will not fit forever. Im in my old jeans today with the bobble keeping them open. I haven't worn these in 2 weeks and today I realise I won't be able to wear them again. I can't wait to go home into my tracksuit. I thought that the fact that maternity clothes have come on so much in the last few years that a pregnant women could come away from a days shopping feeling a little good about herself with a few nice such luck.
joer Posts: 1617
did you try M&S and Debenhams? I bought jeans in Red Herring, size 16, my usual size, now they're abit big, but I could wear with a belt till I fit into them better, and M&S have nice black stretchy trousers for 20 quid? New Look are having a sale too and I tried on 14 too small, 18 too big and they'd no 16, it's probably just a matter of going shop to shop. Hopefully you'll find something else soon, dont be stressing too much, if you have to wear tracky bottoms more often than you want to, it cant be helped.
ellee Posts: 666
Have you tried top shop? Their mat jeans were too big on me even the smaller sizes (I'm usually a 12-14). I ended up buying a boyfriend type pair in M&P which I loved and wore to bits. I did have to get it a size up from my usual tho. Pain in the proverbial isn't it ;o( tho I guess jean shopping is never a barrel of laughs, at least you've a positive reason for the big size, my little man is 3m now and there is still no chance of me fitting into my pre preg jeans :-8
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Im normally a size 14 in Jeans and always buy them in Dorothy Perkins but was not near Dorothy Perkins and needed to buy a pair of maternity ones so went into H&M at lunchtime one day and tried on the same pair in a good few sizes !!!! >:o( The sizes 14 & 16 would not go up past my knees at this stage i felt like crying the 18 fitted but were not overly roomy so ended up buying a paid of size 20 which were nice and comfy but my god was i depressed leaving the shop !!!!! :-8
Fairywings Posts: 360
May 08 Wife, that is exactly where I went, H&M, so depressing. Glad it wasn't just my bad experience so. I must pay a trip to New Look, haven't tried there yet. I had a lovely pair of Red Herring jeans on me on Sat, lovely long leg too but unfortunately they were too tight around the thighs. Wearable but not comfy so I left them.
Missiemoo Posts: 99
I feel your pain ladies. I am normally a size 16, bought a pair of jeans and a pair of cords in Next, over the bump as I though these would be a better fit. So now, they are sagging around the arse and will not stay up on me. Bought two pairs in Dorothy Perkins (they were reduced to Eur7 and buy one get one feckin wonder!) and they don't stay up either without a belt cutting off the circulation to my stomach! I tried on a pair of Mamalicious jeans in Mothercare and they nearly cut off the circulation to my thighs. I am going to take some of my old comfy jeans (that I wear but am not afraid of losing) to a tailor/seamstress and ask them to just rip the seams and put in inserts and see if that will work. Am seriously running out of options. Does anyone know, I live in Kerry and the nearest New Look is Killarney but they got rid of their maternity wear section, I presume there is a New Look in Limerick city, but where? Is there one in Dooradoyle or do I have to go into the city.
Fairywings Posts: 360
Missiemoo, unfortuantely New Look in Limerick don't do maternity either as Im near Limerick. I was planning on a little trip to Galway as apparently they do a fine big maternity section. God help me when I've to start shopping for an outfit for an upcoming wedding and 2 dinner dances....NOT looking forward to that.
Missiemoo Posts: 99
Well feck that anyway. Whats the deal? Dunnes have gotten rid of their maternity section too. Its sack cloth and ashes for me for the next three months. Fairywings, I think Littlewoods had some fancy wedding type frocks in their maternity section. I have ordered stuff from them before (not maternity mind) and always found their sizing and quality good.
mtv Posts: 935
river island do maternity stuff. they launchd it this month. they do jeans and tops etc. there were alot of wet look leggings for mammies to be!
Scrummy Posts: 183
New look in Galway only have 1 rack of clothes and not a great selection. I heard is good!