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michelle123 Posts: 28
Anyone have any advice on where I can find a nice pair of maternity jeans .. Will pay any money at this stage I'm in Dublin this weekend and first time I'm able to face shops .. Looking for something bootcut - with nice ass ( some maternity jeans have a terrible ass) Also what is your favorite maternity shop .. Find some of the boutiques over priced and very dowdy ( but maybe its cause I feel like a beached whale no matter what I put on me) Any advice greatly appreciated ..
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I bought a pair in New look in Liffey Valley they are grand but very strechty and are actually too big!!!size 16 Have them on with a belt today I bought nice bits in Evans its not maternity but its for the larger lady and it was quite hard to find 16 or an 18 for once! I have also bought in Mothercare too,once I like the item I buy it feck it we like to feel nice,also Next have nice bits too!! Happy Shopping :wv (I can't stop) :o0
anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
Michelle I got a nice pair of Mammalicious ones in Neelo the maternity boutique. They've shops in Limerick and Dublin - mine were only €45 but you could pay up to €245 for mat jeans in there if you want! They were a lovely boot cut AND a nice ass - I was in them at 13wks (with twins) but I've already grown out of them :o( My next purchase will def be another larger pair to accommodate my 2 expanding babies :baby3: :baby3: Good luck!
madmam Posts: 1294
I got a nice pair in Dorothy Perkins (I have tried the ones with the elastic bits at the side, but find the ones with the stretchy jersey panel all the way round more comfy), they were €40 I think, and they have a good ass and are bootcut too. *)
Tigletts Posts: 2904
I have two pairs one from Dorothy Perkins and one from New Look The New look ones sit under the bump with a belt, I find the belt digs into me a bit and don't find them mega comfy The other pair are a sit on the bump and are extremely comfy and very nice jeans too, nice bum and legs, I think anyhow. I got a size smaller than normal but they're still a bit big as I have a small bump so I just put a safety pin :-8
madmam Posts: 1294
Yeah Tigs, I found the DP ones are a size too big - its been a while since I wore size 10 I can tell you, esp during pg! I still have to keep pulling them up too, but they defo look the best I reckon.
007Babs Posts: 417
H&M do some very reasonably priced clothes. I got some nice clothes in there for the summer and their bottoms are very comfy too. I went to their Liffey Valley branch.
Chicken Licken Posts: 873
The mamalicious jeans have the little elastic and button inside the waistband so you can tighten them to suit you - I bought 2 pairs - one full length and the other are just below the knee and just the job in this lovely weather! They are generally about €40-45 which is reasonable too!! Generally shops that sell EXIT clothes sell mamalicious clothing too!
madmam Posts: 1294
Yeah, I have a pair of mamalicious casual trousers and they are sooooo comfy!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I find the Dorothy Perkins jeans brilliant - have 2 pairs and am rarely out of them. Trousers there are not so good though. Found Dunnes Stores maternity trousers surprisingly comfy and well-made.