Maternity Leave Benefits/Tax Relief

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coolbride Posts: 63
Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where I can find out information about both the above. I am employed part-time for a company and not sure how I go about finding out what maternity payments I am entitled to. It's only a small company and I am the first "maternity leave employee"! So they are not 100% sure how it works. Also, how do you/what can you claim tax relief on for medical expenses? Any guidance would be much appreciated - have looked up the Gov site and as suspected it's like a mine-field trying to find what you are looking for. Tks in advance.
nube Posts: 168 Excellent info re everything Let me know how you get on
one year married Posts: 133
Its all explained here. AFAIK there is no difference for part-time workers regarding rates. ... leave.html The qualification criteria and rates calculations are here: ... nefit.html If you've any questions just give them a ring...they are usually quite good at answering queries. To reclaim your medical expenses you need to submit a form Med1. Its all explained here HTH
coolbride Posts: 63
Thanks a mil one year married! Just looked that up and its a great help! They don't make it easy for you do they?! It's so expensive - hopefully, I'll get something decent back. Thanks again!
boobies Posts: 1625
Sorry for this now but am a bit slow when it comes to tax etc.... Am I right in saying that if your employer does not offer paid materity leave that when you return to work you get tax back?
nettie07 Posts: 293
you will need to fill the mb10 form, if your emploer cant give it to you , the local social welfare dept , will give you one.