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jelly beans Posts: 170
hi wollies, sorry if this has been asked before, i did search but couldnt find a definite answer. i am on a 3 year contract in work - due to end in November this year. am due 1st baby in July. i'm very lucky that company does pay maternity leave, and i'm entitled to it in my contract, but it's quite up in the air whether my contract will be renewed . so my question is - does anyone know what happens maternity pay if my contract isn't renewed - in other words, will i stop getting paid in November when my contract ends, even if i dont finish til June? if that's the case (and i'm technically entitled to 6 months) would I be totally cheeky to finish up 6 months before my contract end date? obvioulsy i'm hoping that this wont come up and i have my job to come back to but trying to figure out where i stand. (manager has said he will look into it for me but if i wait for that i'll be carrying around babs before a decision is made!!!) any info appreciated, thanks ladies!! :thnk :thnk ps posting this in M&K and P&B so sorry to anyone seeing it twice!
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
heya :wv i dont know if this may be much help to you petal, but i know when some ladies here at work were on mat leave, we got news of redundancy, which didnt effect them as they were on mat leave, by that i mean, u cant be made redundant while on mat leave, so what happened was, once there mat leave was up... they got their redundancy then, so maybe it might be the same for you contract wise, hope that makes a bit of sense? :wv :wv did u ring citizens advice? try em and see, so as ur not waiting on the boss to find out, then u can go to him/her and say look, this is x.y.z
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
But that's a slightly different situation as the contract was due to end anyway so I think they can just let it end. At least that's what I was told. it looks like my contract will be renewed (current one ends 30th April, EDD 11th June) but before we knew this I was told (citizens advice and NERA) that there would be no problem not renewing.
fifle Posts: 132
Hi Jelly Beans Usually maternity leave terms and conditions are covered in your contract - did you have a chance to check the small print? It would be very unusual for an employer to continue paying your maternity leave once the end of your contract is finished as they have no obligation to you once this date has passed. Because employers are not obliged to pay maternity leave at all it's really up to your employer. If you have enough PRSI contributions you will be entitled to maternity benefit from the State so if your employer doesn't renew your contract and you get paid up to your leaving date, you will still get the maternity benefit for the full 26 weeks. Something to look at is the fact that you must take your maternity leave not later than two weeks before the end of the week your baby is due but not sooner than 16 weeks before the end of the week your baby is due. So technically you could start your maternity leave 16 weeks before. (but this is when your State maternity benefit would start to be paid also) Citizens Information have information here about maternity leave ... leave.html but you'll need to give them a call to check the specifics of contract staff. HTH
jelly beans Posts: 170
thanks a mill for taking the time to reply, sorry couldnt log on at home all weekend. i rang Citizens info and they were a great help. as it stands i would go on ML at the end of June, and entitled to MB for 26 weeks, and if my contract is not renewed, and contributions from my employer would stop in November. I would be entitled to go anytime up to 16 weeks before due date (as the oracle mentioned) - so i could finish in say May and get full contributions from employer - but as DH pointed out, there would be no real benefit to that as i would just be sitting around, and i would be better off staying in work as long as i can anyway, so at least i'll be getting my 26wks of MB from when i finish. fingers crossed this is all just hypothetical and i have a job to come back to. thanks a mill ladies :thnk