Maternity Leave Question??

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Santa Posts: 1191
Hey girls, could anybody help me please? I get 6mths fully paid mat leave, and you can get up 2 6mths unpaid leave. I would love to take as long as possible, but would we get any help with the unpaid leave at all from the government? Any advice appreciated, trying to save but don't think I'll save 6mths worth :-8
jarashow Posts: 3083
You only get 16 weeks unpaid, so that's about 4 months. You don't get anything from the state for that as it is optional unpaid leave that you can take after your actual maternity leave. HTH
curliwurli Posts: 3369
as far as i know you just get maternity benefit from social welfare for 26 weeks (6 months), after that you would be on your own. we can take 16 weeks (4 months) unpaid after that and i won't be getting a penny :o(
Greece Posts: 1800
Hi Santa, I think Im right here but woudlnt be an expert. If you are getting paid leave for 6 months, same as me, thats fine. But after that time, you are no longer 'legally' entitled to time off, if you can take the extra its a bonus and therefore at your own expense, so its literally 'unpaid leave'. You can take your holidays after if you liek which woudl be paid, and any bank hols due to you.....but most companies (mine anyway) will only do this once you have taken the full allocation of unpaid leave - which is 16 weeks in my case. Thanks thats the way it works.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
You are entitled to 26wks paid maternity leave. 'Paid' means, if you qualify you will get maternity allowance from the state, your employer may also top up this payment for you (at the company's discretion). You are then entitled to take a further 16wks unpaid leave. This means that you will not get any state assistance for these 16wks. I'm not sure how it works with employers for these weeks, I think they can pay you if they want. In total maternity leave in Ireland is 26wks + 16wks = 10mths. Any holidays or bank holidays that you have accrued while on ML can also be added on at the end of your ML. You are entitled to be paid for these by your employer. HTH
Santa Posts: 1191
thanks girls :thnk b8r get saving!! :-8
milinda Posts: 785
Just one other thing that [u:3vfnfaq1]some[/u:3vfnfaq1] of you may be affected by, I am lucky and get topped up by my employer for the 26 weeks, the unpiad leave of 16 weeks we get nothing, but we have to actually pay upfront the pension amount for the 16 weeks unpaid (or however many of them we take) both my own portion & the companies portion which is substantial. Some of the girls here in the past got caught on this and didn't realise it, until the last minute. So I will be leaving some aside each week during the 26 weeks to cover it. You may want to transfer tax credits to you husband if they will he of benefit to him, depending on what % tax he pays, the revnue are very helpful with it) At least he may be bringinghomw something extra.
Santa Posts: 1191
thanks Milinda, will check that with work re-pension - do's anyone know what family allowance is like or where I can find out about it - we both work and this is our 1st baby - trying to do sums :-8
milinda Posts: 785
No problem, I think it only applies if the comapny you work for pay towards your pension, but it can be a shock if you find out unexpectidly and it applies to you. As for the allowance is it the childrens allowance that you are thing about if so it is €150 per month at the moment. Full information can be seen here -